The philosophical adventures of Triangle, Circle and Square

What’s this?!?

People tend to say that Triangle, Circle and Square don’t know where to draw the line in their foolish cartoons. But if we see all the positive reactions we get on our clever comic strip we doubt to differ. Here are some of the great reviews on our weird comic strip:

Iya-lost M’edonki (Al-Qaeda): Seeing these insulting foolish comics gives us the energy to fight harder to achieve our ultimate goal!

Mulugeta Johnson (Ethiopia): I saw some of your ridiculous cartoon images and instantly lost my appetite!

General Campell (Australian Commander Operation Sovereign Borders): Many thanks to Triangle, Circle and Square! We dropped flyers of your “collection of funny cartoon pictures” over migrant vessels which were trying to reach Australia. One month after we started dropping your “amusing cartoons” migration is down 79%.

John D.O. Nut (FBI): If there were a top 10 most wanted list of dumb and stupid cartoonist, these guys would be right on top with their absurd cartoons and comics.

Kim Jong-un (North Korea): Great jop! These cartoon funny pictures online represend the fredom of speech where I stant for fink is ferry important!

New York Times: They speak of the “best web comics online” but that is unsubstantial. But when I think about it, they probably don’t even know what that word means.

Perez Hilton: Put these guys with their “clever funny cartoons” on the same talent list as Michael Richards, Lisa Lampanelli, Bob Saget, Dane Cook, George Lopez and Carlos Mencia.

The Independent (UK): If they ever consider making a movie of their “hilarious comic strip” they will surely be nominated for a Golden Raspberry.

Eric T. Liondik (National Geographic): Having seen some of the “funny comical pictures” I can only conclude that these absurd cartoons must give scientists a boost to work harder to establish a base on Mars and explore other worlds.

Guantanamo bay: We tried waterboarding, sleep deprivation, metal music and sexual humiliation, but it were the ridiculous cartoons of that finally made them give up Osama Bin Laden.

Nicaragua tribunal: We link the “very funny drawings” of Triangle and co to 11.356 murders in Nicaragua alone in 2014, making them more dangerous then MS13. Those guys should be locked up for life, without any pencils and paper.

Thanks guys! These are really nice comments. Stopping hunger in Ethiopia, giving fighting strength to beardpeoples in funny dresses, helping science, catching criminals, top 10 lists and nominations for awards, these are all reasons why we make our clever comic strips!

But still, should you have any concerns with our hysterical cartoons please mail us: